Medicare Wellness Visit Toolkit

Medicare Wellness Visit Toolkit

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The FPM Medicare Wellness Visit Toolkit includes previously published tools from FPM curated into one convenient downloadable PDF. Use these invaluable resources to provide Medicare wellness visits that benefit your patients and your practice. Purchase your toolkit today.

Includes the following tools:

  • Elements of the Initial Preventive Physical Exam (IPPE) and the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)
    • A list of requirements for Medicare Wellness Visits
  • A Word to Our Patients About Medicare and Wellness Care
    • A letter for patients
  • Scheduling Resource for Medicare Wellness Visits
    • A scheduling resource for support staff (includes talking points)
  • Medicare Wellness Checkup (Health Risk Assessment)
    • A health risk assessment questionnaire for patients to complete
  • Medicare Preventive Physical Exam Encounter Form
  • Medicare Initial Preventive Physical Exam Encounter Form ("Welcome to Medicare Physical")
  • Preventive Services Covered by Medicare in 2016
    • A comprehensive list of coverage rules for various Medicare preventive services