Assessing Your Risk of Burnout


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The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) is recognized as the leading measure of burnout validated by more than 35 years of extensive research. The assessment is designed to help you gain an understanding of how you feel about your work experiences and determine whether you are at risk of burnout.

AAFP members may take the MBI assessment free of charge up to five times. Our hope is that the insights gained based on your MBI results will provide an understanding of your risk of burnout and help you determine strategies that will support your well-being.

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Family Physician Burnout: A Critical Issue

Family physician burnout is a critical concern for the AAFP, and has been identified as one of our top strategic priorities. A recent broad-based Mayo Clinic study that assessed U.S. physicians using the MBI showed a 63 percent burnout rate among family physicians. Burnout can affect quality of patient care, result in physicians leaving practice and negatively impact patients’ access to primary care services.

Participation in the MBI assessment is voluntary. Access to resources on this portal are meant to provide tools to help you understand how burnout affects family physicians, assess your risk, and identify steps to help minimize it.