108.25 Elective

Medical Spanish Immersion Program with Clinical Rotation Optional

by The Medical Elective Network

Mon 04/01/19 - Tue 03/31/20

Trujillo, Trujillo

for up to 108.25 Elective credits

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Santa Ursula 444
Trujillo, Trujillo

This is a 4 week 80 hour, 4 instructor, medical Spanish program with the option for 20 hours per week clinical rotation in hospital (mini-residency). This immersion program takes place in the city of Trujillo, Peru and covers a broad range of health care issues with a focus on patient histories and physical examinations. The clinical rotations allow for direct, ongoing application of learning. Rotations include options in multiple specialty areas.

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Name: Kevin hurley
Email: kevin@medical-electives.net
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