Strolling Through The Match 2016-2017

Strolling Through The Match 2016-2017

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This practical, user-friendly guidebook was developed to help you make important decisions about your medical career. It outlines all the steps toward choosing a residency program, including residency evaluation, selection, application and interviews. Additionally it provides information and examples about the "NRMP Match" process. This guide emphasizes a practical approach and will help you gather and summarize specialty information, establish timelines, and organize checklists and reference material. The content is intended to complement and expand upon information provided by the NRMP and existing medical school residency selection programs. Included are timelines, charts, and graphs to assist you in your decision making process.

Product Features

  • Residency application timeline and checklist
  • Introduction to ERAS and specialties that participate
  • Residency program evaluation guide
  • Residency selection steps and interviewing tips
  • Examples of the "Match" and explanation of the algorithm
  • New tips on Post-interview Etiquette
  • Tips on writing a CV and personal statement

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