AAFP TIPS Continuity of Care

AAFP TIPS Continuity of Care

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Engage your team to improve continuity of care in your practice. One of the most valuable aspects of family medicine, the physician-patient relationship, can be quantified through measures of continuity of care. This TIPS topic provides an overview of continuity in ambulatory primary care, helps you and your team understand the benefits that continuity brings to both clinicians and their patients, and why measuring and improving continuity is beneficial for practices. With tools, specially designed for family medicine teams, this AAFP TIPS will walk your team through assessing and improving continuity of care in your practice.

TIPS Overview:

Product Features:

  • Three interactive, mobile-friendly online learning courses for self-study
  • Three customizable slide decks for team discussion
  • Four downloadable Excel workbooks to help you calculate levels of continuity of care in your practice with instructional videos
  • Six ready-to-use, downloadable tools, including:
    • Patient-Centered Continuity of Care Spot Check worksheet
    • Qualis Run Chart
    • Clinician-Centered Continuity of Care Spot Checks worksheet
    • Policy on Scheduling to Enhance Continuity of Care
    • Team Continuity Brainstorm
    • Patient Welcome Letter

NOTE: Access to this topic will be available through October 9, 2020. All components of this product are provided as digital copies only.

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