AAFP TIPS Quality Improvement

AAFP TIPS Quality Improvement

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Get your practice team members on board with the basics of quality improvement (QI). You and your team will gain access to two training courses with ready-to-use run chart tools that will support you in making small changes that create big results for your practice. Whether you are trying to improve processes or patient care, this collection of QI tools can help you get started quickly.

"This topic helps demystify the process, and shows how QI tools can be helpful to demonstrate change in practice. We used the tools to demonstrate how we improved our patient satisfaction scores, and the visuals were easy to create."
-Lindsay K. Botsford, MD, MBA, FAAFP

TIPS Overview:

Product Features:

  • Two interactive, mobile-friendly online learning courses for self-study
  • Three customizable slide decks for team discussion
  • Two run chart tools to help you track your QI data over time with instructional videos
  • How to identify QI opportunities checklist
  • Quality improvement planning worksheet (blank and a completed example)
  • Understanding variation overview

NOTE: Access to this topic will be available through April 30, 2020. All components of this product are provided as digital copies only.

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