ALSO Instructor Manual - Print

ALSO Instructor Manual - Print

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For those teaching the ALSO Provider Course or participating in the ALSO Instructor Course, this manual is required.

It includes information on adult learning principles, how to teach using slides, faculty development, maximizing the use of teaching workstations, and how to evaluate participants. The ALSO Instructor Manual, which is used by ALSO Provider course instructors, has recently been revised. Instructors must use a 5th or 6th edition manual. The manual is also used by ALSO Instructor course participants. It will take approximately eight hours to complete this instructor manual during an ALSO Instructor Course.

If ordering instructor manuals for an ALSO Course, sponsors must submit their order on an ALSO Product Order form, available upon course approval by ALSO Program Staff.Faculty scheduled to teach in an ALSO Course should contact the course sponsor, who may be purchasing the manual for them.

Product Features

  • Faculty development
  • How to evaluate participants
  • How to teach (including required and optional workstations)

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