AAFP Direct Primary Care Toolkit

AAFP Direct Primary Care Toolkit

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Ready to implement the direct primary care (DPC) model in your practice? We can show you how.

Developed by DPC experts at the AAFP and packed with easy-to-use resources, the AAFP Direct Primary Toolkit will help you:

  • Plan your practice DPC conversion or start-up.
  • Understand the financial model and plan your membership structure.
  • Promote your practice with a DPC marketing guide.
  • Address perspective regulatory and/or legal obstacles.

The AAFP Direct Primary Care Toolkit is a web-based collection of downloadable tools to help you understand and implement this new financial model. Your one-year subscription includes access to the following:

  1. Direct primary care business plan supplement
  2. Net revenue and physician salary calculator
  3. Financial pro forma calculator
  4. Guide to marketing your direct primary care practice
  5. Guide for engaging your patients in direct primary care
  6. Key questions to evaluate legal counsel for your direct primary care practice
  7. Direct primary care and Medicare participation considerations
  8. Direct primary care service and technology vendor list
  9. AAFP DPC policy
  10. AAFP FAQ