AIM-HI to Change Toolkit

AIM-HI to Change Toolkit

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This free* Americans in Motion-Healthy Interventions (AIM-HI) toolkit includes an incredible number of valuable tools to help develop a culture of fitness within your office and with your patients. It features an effective combination of physician/clinician tools as well as patient education tools.

Tools for you:

Practice Manual - The practice manual describes a practical approach to adopting a consistent model of communicating and encouraging fitness in patient interactions while creating a supportive office environment.

Fitness Posters - Thought-provoking images for your waiting areas and patient exam rooms will create an atmosphere of fitness. Display these posters to enhance the office and provide visual cues to create opportunities for dialogue with your patients.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Measuring Tools - Quick tools to assess a patient's BMI are provided, including an adult BMI calculator and a BMI wall chart.

Tools for your patients:

Fitness Inventory - The first step for a patient who is setting goals for themselves is to determine a starting point. Offer this assessment tool to help evaluate a patient's level of health and interest in making health changes over several visits.

Fitness Prescription Pad - Using the interest gained from the Fitness Inventory, write individualized, fitness prescriptions encouraging physical activity, nutrition and emotional well-being for patients of all ages who are open to making some changes in their life for better health.

Food & Activity Journal - Offer patients a five-day journal as a 'next step' task to help them assess their progress on a daily basis and assess opportunities to make small, healthy changes.

Product Features

  • Practice Manual
  • Fitness posters
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Measuring Tools 
  • Personal Fitness Assessment
  • Food & Activity Journal
  • Fitness Prescription Pad  

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