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Chapter: Alabama AFP Website: www.alabamafamilyphysicians.org Phone: (877)343-2237 Email: alafamdoc@charter.net
Chapter: Alaska AFP Website: www.alaskaafp.org Phone: (907)258-2255 Email: akafp@gci.net
Chapter: Arizona AFP Website: www.azafp.org Phone: (602)274-6404 Email: ldearing@azafp.org
Chapter: Arkansas AFP Website: www.arkansasafp.org Phone: (501)223-2272 Email: arafp@sbcglobal.net
Chapter: California AFP Website: www.familydocs.org Phone: (415)345-8667 Email: cafp@familydocs.org
Chapter: Colorado AFP Website: www.coloradoafp.org Phone: (303)696-6655 Email: cafp@coloradoafp.org
Chapter: Connecticut AFP Website: www.ctafp.org Phone: (860)243-3977 Email: mschuman@ssmgt.com
Chapter: Delaware AFP Website: http://delfamdoc.org Phone: (302)733-3356 Email: dafp@delfamdoc.org
Chapter: District of Columbia AFP Website: http://www.dcafp.org Phone: (202)360-8685 Email: dcafp@aol.com
Chapter: Florida AFP Website: www.fafp.org Phone: (800)223-3237 Email: jyoung@fafp.org
Chapter: Georgia AFP Website: www.gafp.org Phone: (404)321-7445 Email: ffulton@gafp.org
Chapter: Guam AFP Website: Phone: (671)828-7519 Email: bnweare@yahoo.com
Chapter: Hawaii AFP Website: www.hafp.com Phone: (808)397-3596 Email: ernel.hafp@gmail.com
Chapter: Idaho AFP Website: www.idahofamilyphysicians.org Phone: (208)323-1156 Email: Idahoafp@aol.com
Chapter: Illinois AFP Website: www.iafp.com Phone: (630)435-0257 Email: vkeenan@iafp.com
Chapter: Indiana AFP Website: www.in-afp.org Phone: (317)237-4237 Email: iafp@in-afp.org
Chapter: Iowa AFP Website: www.iaafp.org Phone: (515)283-9370 Email: pwilliams@iaafp.org
Chapter: Kansas AFP Website: www.kafponline.org Phone: (316)721-9005 Email: kafp@kafponline.org
Chapter: Kentucky AFP Website: www.kafp.org Phone: (888)287-9339 Email: gerry.stover@kafp.org
Chapter: Louisiana AFP Website: www.lafp.org Phone: (225)923-3313 Email: rleblanc@lafp.org
Chapter: Maine AFP Website: www.maineafp.org Phone: (207)938-5005 Email: maineafp@tdstelme.net
Chapter: Maryland AFP Website: www.mdafp.org Phone: (410)747-1980 Email: info@mdafp.org
Chapter: Massachusetts AFP Website: www.massafp.org Phone: (262)242-0402 Email: becky@massafp.org
Chapter: Michigan AFP Website: www.mafp.com Phone: (517)347-0098 Email: info@mafp.com
Chapter: Minnesota AFP Website: www.mafp.org Phone: (952)542-0130 Email: office@mafp.org
Chapter: Mississippi AFP Website: www.msafp.org Phone: (601)853-3302 Email: beth@msafp.org
Chapter: Missouri AFP Website: www.mo-afp.org Phone: (573)635-0830 Email: office@mo-afp.org
Chapter: Montana AFP Website: http://montanaafp.org/ Phone: (406)431-9384 Email: linda@montanaafp.org
Chapter: Nebraska AFP Website: www.nebrafp.org Phone: (402)505-9198 Email: lsimon@nebrafp.org
Chapter: Nevada AFP Website: www.nvafp.com Phone: (775)826-5100 Email: nafpreno@aol.com
Chapter: New Hampshire AFP Website: www.nhafp.org Phone: (603)224-1909 Email: catrina.watson@nhms.org
Chapter: New Jersey AFP Website: www.njafp.org Phone: (609)394-1711 Email: office@njafp.org
Chapter: New Mexico AFP Website: www.familydoctornm.org Phone: (505)292-3113 Email: familydoctor@newmexico.com
Chapter: New York AFP Website: www.nysafp.org Phone: (518)489-8945 Email: fp@nysafp.org
Chapter: North Carolina AFP Website: www.ncafp.com Phone: (919)833-2110 Email: ggriggs@ncafp.com
Chapter: North Dakota AFP Website: www.ndafp.org Phone: (701)772-1730 Email: brandy@ndafp.org
Chapter: Ohio AFP Website: www.ohioafp.org Phone: (614)267-7867 Email: mail@ohioafp.org
Chapter: Oklahoma AFP Website: www.okafp.org Phone: (405)842-0484 Email: Webber@okafp.org
Chapter: Oregon AFP Website: www.oafp.org Phone: (503)528-0961 Email: kg@oafp.org
Chapter: Pennsylvania AFP Website: www.pafp.com Phone: (800)648-5623 Email: jjordan@pafp.com
Chapter: Puerto Rico AFP Website: www.amfpr.org Phone: (787)790-4735 Email: amfpr2014@gmail.com
Chapter: Rhode Island AFP Website: www.riafp.org Phone: (401)647-3595 Email: info@riafp.org
Chapter: South Carolina AFP Website: www.scafp.org Phone: (864)984-7237 Email: info@scafp.org
Chapter: South Dakota AFP Website: www.sdafp.org Phone: (605)882-3583 Email: carletta@sdafp.org
Chapter: Tennessee AFP Website: http://www.tnafp.org Phone: (615)370-5144 Email: tnafp@bellsouth.net
Chapter: Texas AFP Website: www.tafp.org Phone: (512)329-8666 Email: tbanning@tafp.org
Chapter: Uniformed Services AFP Website: www.usafp.org Phone: (804)968-4436 Email: mlwhite@vafp.org
Chapter: Utah AFP Website: www.utahafp.org Phone: (801)587-3285 Email: jennifer.dailey@utahafp.org
Chapter: Vermont AFP Website: www.vtafp.net Phone: (802)223-7898 Email: swinters@vtmd.org
Chapter: Virgin Islands AFP Website: Phone: (340)692-3289 Email: corachristian@gmail.com
Chapter: Virginia AFP Website: www.vafp.org Phone: (804)968-5200 Email: admin@vafp.org
Chapter: Washington AFP Website: www.wafp.net Phone: (425)747-3100 Email: info@wafp.net
Chapter: West Virginia AFP Website: www.wvafp.org Phone: (304)562-4433 Email: info@wvafp.org
Chapter: Wisconsin AFP Website: www.wafp.org Phone: (262)512-0606 Email: academy@wafp.org
Chapter: Wyoming AFP Website: Phone: (307)635-2424 Email: sheila@wyomed.org