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Last updated: Monday, September 19, 2016


The program offers far more than just the option to do an international rotation. Through curriculum development, an organized framework has been established, allowing the training and education for a meaningful international experience in global health. Interested residents complete pre-trip training with an elective curriculum covering learning and logistics, followed by at least one four-week international rotation with concurrent longitudinal coursework (outlined below). Needs assessment, goals, objectives, and evaluations are outlined in coursework and were developed with the input of both faculty and residents who have been involved in international medicine.

Locations of rotations

South Africa




7500 Hospital Dr
Sacramento, CA 95823-5403


United States of America






Program director

Ronald Gordon Chambers, Jr, MD, FAAFP

Field experience

The four-week Global Health Experience (International Elective Rotation) consists primarily of a working medical trip where field experience is customized to the resident's needs. Some may want to focus on public health issues, while others want to obtain "hands-on" experience. Although a relationship with a recurring medical trip to Africa is established, the resident's own interests are paramount and full support is given to the location and type of medical trip they are interested in taking. Our residents have worked on virtually every continent. They have traveled from village huts in Africa to the Himalayan Alps and have undertaken a full scope of experiences. For residents wishing to explore their options, a preparation packet that includes international opportunities, fundraising sources, networking and career opportunities has been developed.


Didactics are included in the two-week Global Health Curriculum which covers the learning and logistics needed to create a framework for the international rotation. Learning coursework includes: an orientation to the global health elective; didactic lectures (topics covered with global health perspective include travel medicine, global burden of disease, cultural competency, primary trauma care, burns, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, parasitology, malaria, immunizations, travel safety, care of the newborn, etc.); skills workshops (wound care, splinting, suturing, IVF/medication administration, etc); self-directing learning (country-specific issues of culture, economy, politics, health care structure, site specific disease process review); presentations; journal club; peer coaching; and balint. Logistics portion includes: scheduling and elective rotation; obtaining immunizations; organization of safety materials/medicines/travel supplies; obtaining travel insurance, visa, flight, transportation in country, and room and board; and fundraising options (as extensive "Preparation Packet" has been developed for resident's reference to complement faculty support).

Additional cost information

Resident is responsible for all costs. Fundraising is encouraged.

Number of residents who have participated in the last two years

4 - 6

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