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Joint Enroute Care Course (Phase I and II): Joint Enroute Care Course (Phase I and II)

Basic Information:

  • Live, 74.50 Prescribed credits
  • Thursday, March 01, 2012 - Friday, March 01, 2013
  • 301 Andrews Ave., Ft. Rucker, Alabama United States Army School of Aviation Medicine


Aviation Medicine Orientation and Introduction to Enroute Care
Stress and Fatigue
Night Vision Orientation
Altitude Physiology
Gravitational Forces
Spatial Disorientation and Sensory Illusions in Flight 
Aviation Toxicology 
Aviation Life Support Equipment
Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Medical Equipment Set (Air Ambulance) - MESAA
Noise and Vibrations 
Limitations of Inflight Patient Care 
Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive
Loading/Unloading Aircraft 
Crew Coordination and Cockpit Communications
Personnel Recovery
Aeromedical Evacuation System
Aircraft Refueling
Aviation Safety
Water and Basic Survival Skills
Advanced Invasive Monitoring Considerations for Enroute Care
Enroute Care medication management considerations as well as considerations for abdominal injuiries, burns, neurological injuries, respiratory injuries, and orthopaedic injuries
Enroute Care special considerations for Pediatric Patients
Enroute Care Patient Packaging
Patient Movement Item (PMI) Equipment
US Navy CASEVAC/MEDEVAC platforms as well as Army MEDEVAC platforms
Helicopter simulator scenarios and critical care skill training exercises
Medical Evacuation System and its history
Clinical Considerations for Aeromedical Transport
Altitude Chamber Orientation and Exposure
Joint Health Service Support
Domestic Support Operations
Geneva Conventions
Enroute care student clinical presentations (case studies)


US Army School of Aviation


Joint Enroute Care Course (Phase I and II)

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